Ballard Landscapes 4

by Cousin Silas



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Aural Films present Cousin Silas's fourth collectively inspired selection of dedications to JG Ballard. Inspired by the locations and moods so evocative of the authors' works. The Ballard albums have proved to be some of Cousin Silas's most popular albums. Thanks to the man who inspired them and attracts people to these albums. We present a whole suite of new compositions.

As a special bonus, this release will be presented as pristine 24-bit masters (FLAC, AIFF, OGG) for those who want to experience Cousin Silas in high fidelity.

For those who wish to collect the entire Ballard Landscapes set. You can mail away to join the Cousin Silas fan club for a JG Ballard secret decoder ring. Just kidding about the club and ring, but the albums are free to download so why not have a listen:

Ballard Landscapes:

Ballard Landscapes 2:

Ballard Landscapes 3:


released August 11, 2014

Cousin Silas - Sound and production.

Cousin Silas was born in 1959 and raised in the Colne Valley in West Yorkshire. He draws inspiration from such diverse sources as JG Ballard, Fortean events, memories and Brian Eno. More information can be found at

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