Fog Music 27

by metlay!

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Patsker This stunning piece of music makes me want to step out of the real world!
Pure magic, so are all the Fog Music releases, I have lost count....
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Aural Films presents "Fog Music." A series of recordings inspired by the weather condition known as fog. Light and dark, wet and dry, this invasive event is a great source of inspiration for sound artists from around the world. This project seeks to publish 24 hours of these recordings as an on-going series for all to hear and enjoy.


released December 22, 2014

metlay! - Composition, Recording, Mastering

Jack Hertz - Cover Photo.

There are many Metlays, all descended from a single immigrant family that came to New York 100 years ago after being given an Ellis Island surname-of-convenience...

But there is only one metlay!.

Mike Metlay is:

~ a Ph.D. nuclear physicist whose career gave rise to specialized radiation detectors still in use today;

~ the founder of the now-retired Atomic City record label and website, whose catalog of over a dozen releases is still available on CD Baby;

~ the Editor of RECORDING (, a monthly magazine on professional audio technique and technology with a worldwide readership;

~ a musician with roots in everything from Chicago blues and early experimental noise to comedy records and Eastern European folk music;

~ a crazed organizer of other musicians into groups for one bizarre project or another, including but not limited to the ten-year-long Different Skies festival series, the infamous Team Metlay sessions, and the ongoing ashram/party/debacle that is mindSpiral;

~ an explorer of virtual worlds and new forms of musical and artistic interaction, well known through his Second Life avatar Spiral Sands;

~ a rather pesky presence on a fair number of labels, net- and otherwise;

~ a player of many different instruments, none of them as well as he'd like;

~ a perennially exhausted but happy husband and father; and

~ the closest thing ambient music has to a Spike Jones.

Delve deeper into his odd philosophies, humorous asides, music (free and otherwise), demented history, and uncertain future, at

Inspired by the mystery of life. Jack Hertz manipulates sound to create intangible techno-organic impressions between music and noise. He has been composing and recording experimental music for more than 30 years. Read more about his work at

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