Mechanic Falls

by Christian Fiesel

Remedy II 28:31


Aural Films is excited to present the amazing work of German artist Christian Fiesel. Fans of long-form compositions that cross many styles will really enjoy the cinematic splendor that is titled "Mechanic Falls." Christian weaves an ever evolving tapestry of ideas that range from ambient to concrete to symphonic and beyond! As the artist describes the works:

The two pieces of "Mechanic Falls" are part of a series working with the epic sound of voices. There's is hardly anything more touching by the sound of human voices, even if generated artificially. Furthermore, this record contains to part of a journey through a world of darkness and lights, all reflected on the shelf of metal surface. The reflections are made audible and by the refraction of sound a deeper story of perception and feeling has been tried to evolve.


released June 22, 2015

Christian Fiesel - composing, processing and mixing.

About Christian Fiesel

Every sound has its own story. And each story can be completely different. That said, Christian Fiesel is trying to cross all borders of electronic and experimental music. His interest is not about being into a specific genre but to dare anything at least just once. All sources are allowed. So you won't find any impressive list of gear but the will to create atmospheres with a minimum of starting material. Christian wants the listeners to close their eyes and to open their minds to be brought to an unexpected place.

To get in touch with his newest ideas, get in touch via FB :

About Aural Films

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