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by Their Teeth to Points



Aural Films presents another captivating release from Their Teeth to Points titled, "Memoryless." Lovers of old and vintage media will enjoy this new album that takes its queue from the haunting effects found in historic music formats due to the flaws in the technology of their time. Tapping into a new domain where the spirits of noise and distortion live on forever, Their Teeth to Points describes the project as follows:

For some time I have been obsessed with vintage music recordings from the late 1800s and early 1900s. I love the hiss and crackle of old vinyl, but also the idea of what these recordings represent: a moment captured in time, something very nearly forgotten. I am always struck by the contrast between the scarcity of these vintage recordings and the ubiquity with which we now document the minutia of our lives in a digital age.

For this album I wanted to explore these vintage audio recordings through a modern lens, using computer-based algorithmic composition methods and an ambient music sensibility. All the sounds on this album are built from samples of public domain recordings from the late 1800s and early 1900s. All compositional choices -- which samples to play and at what time -- were made by the computer, using a program I developed based on Markov chains. The result is a 30 min ambient soundscape that is composed entirely based on a statistical computer algorithm, blending the sensibility of a modern digital age with the sounds of vintage audio.

The title of this piece -- Memoryless -- is both the mathematical term used to characterize the Markov chains algorithm that defines the composition, and also a reference to the nearly forgotten audio clips that comprise the recording."


released June 29, 2015

Their Teeth to Points - Recording, production, mastering.

Their Teeth to Points is a solo project, based out of Hamilton, Ontario. After a misspent musical youth playing various instruments in various noisy punk bands my interests have turned to experimental music / sound art and Their Teeth to Points has been my primary musical outlet for the past year. My work incorporates field recordings, both digital and analogue synths, and a variety of sound manipulation software that I’ve developed over the last few years. Read more info at www.theirteethtopoints.com

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