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The Madness that Lurks Within

by Scott Lawlor & Rebekkah Hilgraves

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NOTE: This album is not for the timid, you have been warned.

Aural Films is thrilled to bring you a new release titled "The Madness that Lurks Within" by Scott Lawlor & Rebekkah Hilgraves. This dark ambient concept album inspired by a documentary on the Russian Sleep Experiment story. Joins the sonic forces of Scott's dronescapes with the engaging voice of Rebekkah Hilgraves to take us on a darkly exotic journey into extreme horror.

Scott describes how the album came about:

This dark ambient concept album was inspired by something that my son showed me on youtube called the Russian sleep experiment.


After hearing this narration of the story, I got inspired to write a track based on the events described and wanted to make something much darker and creepier than the original narration that I first heard.

I went on a search for sounds that I felt would fit the project nicely, ran a lot of them through delays as well as other effects to provide the desired audio experience for the listener and I had more fun putting together this concept album more than any others that I've done.

I asked Rebekkah Hilgraves to read the piece for my interpretation and her narration is outstanding so I'd like to thank her for a job well done.


released April 18, 2014

Scott Lawlor - Compositon, recording & production.

Rebekkah Hilgraves - Voice. Narration recorded at RadHaus US radhaus.us

I'd also like to thank Jack Hertz of Aural Films who released this album as well as the following contributors to the freesound project, zimm, MWLANDI, Xenonn, oldedgar, Dinsfire, geoneo0 and GabrielaUPF. Links to the source material are included for your reference and their credit.


Rebekkah Hilgraves is a long-time broadcaster and voice actor, and retired opera singer. She hosts a weekly radio program on Stillstream called At Water’s Edge (awe.fm) and has collaborated with a number of artists across the musical spectrum. She has also written a number of poems and short stories, some of which are in progress in other artistic collaborations. You can hear her voice work at www.rebekkahhilgraves.com or radhaus.us and read her poetry at ars-lirica.com

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