Later Days

from Fog Music Live 4 by Various Artists



Later Days is Wayne Jackson and his computer music obsession. An audio software engineer working at Google by day, with more musical leanings at night, he creates and performs with his own custom software synths and home-brew controllers. The main thrust of his work uses Darwinian Evolution to augment human creativity. His past contributions to the Bay Area experimental music scene include founding the Woodstockhausen Festival (1998-2003), microHausen (2007-present), board membership with ELSA Productions, “Without Herself” (2005), “Simplicity of Opposition” (2008), and rare channelings of Prostetnic Yanew Kasjonc to recite Vogon poetry. Albums include “Fornica”, “Zolutz Cycles”, “do” (invalidObjects, Fallt label), “Out of the Garden”, “Autotrophic Manifestations”, and “Songs of the Watchmaker” (Scarcelight Recordings). These evenings he mostly just hides out and creates software tools for Darwin Arts, but does get brave enough to land a gig once or twice a year. Free versions of Wayne’s synthesis software may be downloaded from the Darwin Arts web site. Email:

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from Fog Music Live 4, released February 2, 2015




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