1. Fog Music 7

  2. Fog Music 6

  3. GROK
    Jack Hertz

  4. Shoemaker Levy 9 Commemoration
    Various Artists

  5. Fog Music 5
    Wolfgang Gsell

  6. Fog Music 4
    Scott Lawlor

  7. Different Sides
    Crows In The Garden

  8. Fog Music 3
    Robert Scott Thompson

  9. Green Mist
    Jack Hertz

  10. Fog Music 2
    Mister Vapor

  11. Fog Music 1
    Cousin Silas

  12. How The Solar System Was Won
    Outside Other

  13. Nature Trip

  14. Into The Zone
    Jack Hertz & TOTAL E.T.

  15. Forward
    Simon Slater

  16. The Mirage of Lost Hope
    Darkstar83 & 3bc

  17. Intercivus Raptus Regina
    Jack Hertz

  18. Fractal Blend of Primitive Icons and Numbers Stations
    Jack Hertz & Zreen Toyz

  19. The Fortune Chronicles
    Another Neglected Hobby

  20. The Madness that Lurks Within
    Scott Lawlor & Rebekkah Hilgraves

  21. Venus & Mars
    Jack Hertz

  22. The ATLAS Experiment
    Tim Kays

  23. Enter The Twilight Zone
    Various Artists

  24. 25 Peaks

  25. Vanish

  26. Waterless Places
    Scott Lawlor

  27. Zombie Cowboy

  28. DRIVE
    Jack Hertz

  29. Mind Levels
    Peter DiPhillips´╗┐

  30. In Memory Of...
    Various Artists

  31. Starbirds Off Proxima Centauri
    Ade Hodges

  32. Cahokia
    Jack Hertz

  33. Revealing the Arcane
    Christopher Alvarado and Jack Hertz

  34. Atom
    Crows In The Garden

  35. Aural Adventure - Aural Films Sampler 2
    Various Artists

    Michael Meara

  37. The Path to the Gods
    Shane Morris and Scott Lawlor

  38. In the Omnispheres
    Wolfgang Gsell

  39. Glory Drones
    Darage Bang

  40. Fukushima Drones
    Various Artists

  41. Menagerie of Clouds
    Christopher Alvarado and Ari Porki

  42. ROBOTS!
    Various Artists

  43. Ancient Doors
    Christopher Alvarado

  44. Sonic Safari - Aural Films Sampler 1
    Various Artists

  45. Dreams of Morocco
    Jack Hertz

  46. Solar Implosion

  47. Shambhala
    Symatic Star and Jack Hertz

  48. Ballard Landscapes 3
    Cousin Silas

  49. Prehistoric Tar Pit Music
    Various Artists

  50. Wetlands
    Jack Hertz

  51. Jaguars & Shamen
    Jack Hertz and Cousin Silas

  52. Eclipse 2012
    Jack Hertz

  53. Stratosphere
    Jack Hertz

  54. Secret Life of Trees
    Jack Hertz


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Aural Films releases soundtracks for movies that do not exist. We cover a wide range of styles ranging from the familiar to the unheard. Often on the same release.

Now accepting submissions for soundtrack and thematic types of music. Contact us for details.
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