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Jaguars & Shamen

by Jack Hertz & Cousin Silas

Sun God 09:41
Jaguars 08:12
Ayahuasca 14:22
Brujeria 04:59
Nagual 09:02
Mosoq Karpay 10:17
Chimbilaco 08:18


My new album "Jaguars & Shamen" with Cousin Silas is a journey into the dark realms of Amazonia. Inspired by the mystic visions of the Shaman and the trans-formative beings they become to transcend the material world. This music explores the mysterious cultures of the Amazon jungle that have been the home to indigenous cultures for 1,000s of years.

About Jaguars and Shamans:

The jaguar is important for shamans who often associate the jaguar as a spirit companion or nagual, which will protect the shamans from evil spirits and while they move between the earth and the spirit realm. In order for the shamans to combat whatever evil forces may be threatening, or for those who rely on the shamans for protection, it is necessary for the shamans to transform and cross over to the spirit realm. The jaguar is often as a nagual because of its strength, for it is necessary that the shamans "dominate the spirits, in the same way as a predator dominates its prey" (Saunders 1998:30). The jaguar is said to possess the transient ability of moving between worlds because of its comfort both in the trees and the water, the ability to hunt as well in the nighttime as in the daytime, and the habit of sleeping in caves, places often associated with the deceased ancestors. The concept of the transformation of the shaman is well documented in Mesoamerica and South America and is in particular demonstrated in the various Olmec jaguar transformation figures (Diehl, p. 106).

Read more at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaguars_in_Mesoamerican_cultures#Jaguars_and_shamans


released January 20, 2013

Jack Hertz: Synthesizers, Drum Machines, Production and Mixing

Jack Hertz has been composing and recording for more than 30 years. He is fascinated by all aspects of creating sound. From the earliest instruments to the present day hardware and software innovations. More at JackHertz.com

Cousin Silas: Guitars and Synthesizers (Tracks 1, 3, 5, 6)

Cover painting "A Fiery Magic" by Lautir

Aural Films Catalog No. AF0004




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